How to Reduce Your Grocery Bill Half in 7 Steps

plan-to-reduce-grocery-billSaving money is not rocket science but many people continue to struggle to make the habit a part of their lifestyle. Why? It’s probably because we’ve been wired to spend, spend and spend. There’s satisfaction that comes with spending that we’d rather do it instead of saving.

As a way to make saving more attractive, we start with the basic. By cutting your grocery bill, you can set aside the extra money and start a savings account. Stick with it and you’ll see saving money much more satisfying in the end.

So to start, here are 7 easy hacks to cut your grocery bill in as much as 50%:

Set a budget

First things first, you need to set your budget for groceries. Some experts recommend to allot between 5 and 15% of your income for food that already includes groceries and dining out. When you do set a budget, make sure to stick with it or spend less than said budget to have extra money for savings.

Make a list

You’ve probably made a grocery list before but never stuck with it. You’re not alone. Many others are committing the same blunder time after time. But you can change things up by still making a list but this time doing it as thoroughly as you can. When you make a list, details are the key. This means you need to do the next step to make a good list.

Plan your meals

One of the best ways to save on your grocery bill is to eliminate unnecessary purchases. You can only do that if you plan your meals every week. It may like a hassle at first but doing so actually saves you not only money but also time in the end. If you’re not the type who regularly cooks, you can cook in batches. Keep it in the fridge or the freezer and just heat the food up when it’s time to eat.

Eat at home

You’d also want to cut down on eating out. If you tend to eat out most days within the week, you’re doing it all wrong. While eating out is certainly more convenient, it’s not only costly but it’s also not as healthy. If you want to save and stay healthy, eat at home more. You can still eat out from time to time but keep it to a minimum. One a week or twice a month should be good enough.

Use coupons

When it comes to saving on groceries, coupons may be old fashion but they do the job. Coupons, in fact, have also evolved along with technology. You no longer have to collect and carry paper coupons when shopping. Now you can download the right app, collect your coupons virtually and use them as needed.

Use cash

If you’re used to using your credit card when grocery shopping, it’s time to change things up. Paying with cash, while again may be old-fashion, is the best way to stick to your budget. Bring only your list and enough cash when shopping and sticking to your budget is going to be a breeze.

Shop elsewhere

You’d also want to start shopping elsewhere. If you’re used to shopping in one store for everything, it’s possible that you may be missing an opportunity to save more money. Rather than sticking with a comfortable routine, try the other two stores near your place. You may find out one is better for meat and produce and another store perfect for everything else.